Our Approach

Image by Léonard Cotte
Bridge Over River

"And He will be called, Wonderful Counselor"

When Isaiah spoke prophetically of the birth of Jesus Christ, he referred to Him as the coming “Wonderful Counselor.”  Here at War Room Christian Counseling, we believe that it is through the Good News of Christ Jesus that we find freedom, joy, and abundant living.  Because of this belief, you will find that much of our therapeutic approach is fundamentally Christian based, where we marry biblical principles to practical everyday living.

"But the Greatest of these, is LOVE"

Though our therapeutic services are fundamentally faith based, all clients can feel assured that stigmatizing, dogmatic methods and tactics are not a part of WRCC’s value system.  Our services are available to all, as we speak to the heart, dignity, individuality, and welfare of each and every client regardless of race, gender, nationality, or sexuality. We work with our clients to identify personal challenges, formulate practical solutions, and implement sustainable plans that will enable you to set and achieve long-term goals.