Services & Pricing


Individual Counseling

Looking for a one-on-one, confidential and safe environment? Then Individual Therapy may work best for you. With Individual Therapy, clients are free to identify and explore difficult challenges in a safe, judgement free zone.

Pricing:  1 hr | $65

(TeleCounsel  Option: $50)

Couples Counseling

When couples experience what feels like a desolate place in their relationship, Couples Counseling could be the key to revitalizing relational health. This mode of counseling patiently assists the pair in establishing healthy communication, conflict resolution, strength building and bonding, and practical upkeep techniques.

Pricing:  1 hr | $85

(TeleCounsel Option: $70)

Family Counseling

From cradle to grave, the dynamics of family help to mold our emotional, psychological, spiritual, and mental development. Family Counseling seeks to help you discover where you thrive in the big scheme of things and enhance healthy functioning within the family system.


Pricing:  1.5 hr | $125

Maximum Participants: 4

Call for 5+ pricing

Group Counseling

Sometimes the best therapy is knowing you are not alone.  That's where Group Therapy comes in.  Connecting with a group of supportive peers with shared experiences can sometimes aid in the recovery, coping, and healing process.  You are not alone.  Join a group today.


Pricing:  $35 / person

Maximum Participants: 10

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